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Mosaic Gallery plugin

Plugin Description

The Easy WP Mosaic Gallery is a beautiful fully responsive grid gallery plugin that is simple to install and set up. It allows you to produce amazing masonry grid galleries wherever you want quickly and easily. Constructing a Mosaic Gallery is a simple task with drag and drop functionality for your images, short codes to add the galleries to your pages and easy to configure gallery settings.

Plugin Features

The Easy WP Mosaic Gallery is packed with a full array of features that are all easy to set up and manage.

  • Easy to install and set up.
  • Galleries only take moments to construct.
  • Easy to use short codes enable you to place your galleries wherever you want.
  • Fully responsive design that will morph itself to the browser size.
  • Stylish and smooth gallery navigation transitions.
  • Lazy Loading delivers you optimal performance.
  • Selected images open out in a custom light box.
  • Easy to set gallery row and image sizes via the Mosaic Gallery Config tab.
  • Create as many galleries as you want.

Mosaic Gallery Live Demo

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Easy WP Mosaic GalleryPurchase the Easy WP Mosaic Gallery plugin and create professional masonry grid galleries easily and quickly for your website now!

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Plugin Requirements

  • WordPress: 3.9 or above

Current Version

Easy WP Mosaic Gallery (version: 2.1.1)

Last update: 17 May 2017

Need a hand to install or setup? Professional support and custom installs can be requested by contacting us via our contact page.

Easy WP Mosaic Gallery settings

How to create a gallery

Mosaic Galleries are created using the gallery settings page (pictured adjacent) accessible from the WordPress Admin Menu.

  • Click the Mosaic Gallery icon in your WordPress Admin Menu.
  • Click “Add New” to begin creating your new WordPress gallery.
  • With the images tab active begin adding your galleries images using drag/drop or upload.
  • With the Config tab active select all relevant settings.
  • Click “Publish” to save your gallery
  • Copy the gallery short code and paste into your page(s) eg.[mosaic-gallery id="123"]

Tips and Tricks

  • Create non-select image/text box in your galleries by simply leaving the Title & URL meta data blank.
  • Try your images in different positions in a grid gallery to achieve the best results.
  • Be mindful of your image sizes to prevent loading time and ensure your sites visitors have a speedy page load.


Install as per any other WordPress plugin. Step by step instructions are below for anyone who requires them.

  • Click the Plugins icon in your WordPress Admin Menu.
  • Click “Add New” to begin creating your new WordPress gallery.
  • Click “Upload New” and upload the Easy WP Mosaic Gallery zip file.
  • Click “Activate” next to the Easy WP Mosaic Gallery plugin.

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